Anne’s clients range in age from 12 to 101 and include -- serious athletes to those wishing to avoid surgery to those wanting to be free of pain to those seeking to better connect with their bodies and spirit through movement. 

In her one on one services, it is just Anne and the client in her studio.  She provides services via Facetime or Skype to those living out of town and those wishing to work remotely; as well as, traveling to and working in one’s home setting using props and/or one’s private pool.

Anne also works with specialty groups; for example, tennis clubs, golf clinics, young women gatherings, families, friend retreats, etc.

Every session includes body movement.  Anne also weaves in other ‘movement’ in her Connected Movement In Sync (CMIS) sessions drawing from a diverse skill set which can include any or all of the following in her teaching:

  • current cutting-edge research and approaches to body and movement via understanding of fascia and biotensegrity (click here for more)

  • breath awareness and therapy

  • moving meditations

  • life-coaching 

  • body relaxation meditations

  • body tapping

  • focus/awareness on specific body areas

  • stretch therapy

  • awareness practices to heal and move beyond old patterns

  • empowerment of one’s own body in order to avoid current medical trends of elective surgeries and over-prescribed drugs

  • daily practices that can facilitate one taking charge of their own well-being

  • discovering how to listen to the body, to tune in to one’s own body wisdom


Anne also offers a unique service - Moving the Body Through Astrology (MBA) sessions - where she provides an overview of one’s astrological birth chart and how it translates to one’s movement focus. (click here for more)



Connected Movement in Sync (CMIS)

One 85-minute session*                                              $143


One 55-minute session                                               $107

Four 55-minutes sessions                                           $404

Eight 55-minute sessions                                            $782

One 55-minute in-home session                                 $143       

*Required for all first-time clients. 



Prices vary depending on scope of work

Payment for all services are due upon first appointment.