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Moving the Body Through Astrology


Anne's post on social media on December 31, 2019 read "2020 is a big year.  Planetary energies that haven't been aligned for hundreds of years. Total breakdown of social structures and systems - on a collective level - as well as on a personal level.  Setting the stage for a rebuilding of new ones. It is time to wake up.  We cannot stay the same."  This post was generated from what she had gleaned through her studies of astrology.


She began studying astrology long ago and brought it into her life as a personal tool.  She sees it as a practice to assist in navigating through life; and, believes it is needed now more than ever.  Astrology is an ancient language, has been referred to by many religions and scholars, and has been used as a tool for hundreds of years.

Through Anne's work and application of astrology, she began to see how beautifully astrology aligns with her passion and studies in the body and movement.  As a result, she offers a service where she weaves together astrology with movement and body practices. The two session package includes a basic reading of one's astrological birth chart, movement that compliments the chart, and suggestions and discussion around bringing various movement and body awareness into daily life based on the chart.

These sessions can be done in person; or, via facetime or skype.



Moving The Body Through Astrology (MBA)

Initial MBA package - Two 55-minute sessions            $260

Follow-up MBA session - One 75-minute session        $143

Follow-up MBA session - One 45-minute session        $107

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