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People have commented on my business name, Connected. Movement in Sync.  They often say “your work encompasses so much more than just Pilates alone.”  I facilitate movement on all levels.  For movement is life.  Right now at this very moment in your body- cells are dying and new ones are coming into being, blood is flowing, lymphatic fluid is circulating, neurons are firing, hormones are releasing, interstitial fluid is meandering, intestinal villa are gently waving, organs are swaying with the breath, thoughts are forming or going out of existence, eyes are blinking, feelings and emotions are moving through you (such as joy, pain, sorrow, anger, sadness); not to forget, the thirty trillion or so microscopic fungi, bacteria, and viruses that live on you and in you which are doing their thing too. Even as you sleep, the movement continues.  During non-REM sleep, the cerebrospinal fluid washes over the brain in large slow waves.  The body is in constant motion – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Nothing is static or still.

Existence is a never-ending array of phenomena. When we approach life as movement and movement as life, we can imagine little pathways in us and on us and around us spiraling all about.  What makes things go awry emotionally, physically or spiritually is when these pathways get roadblocks, preventing life’s natural movement.  These obstacles can result from many things including sitting too much … or moving in the same way…or denying sadness or joy …or dishonoring our bodies and ignoring its messages …or holding on to fear or some false fixed view or life 'story' we have about who we are or what we are capable of.

The key is to be present, to listen to your body, and let it guide you. The spirit is always talking through the body. Wiggle often. It is through wiggling that our bodies stay humming and vibrant. Move more. We are created to move. It is through movement that we are confronted and become awake. It is through movement that we make discoveries, become aware of who we are and what we need to take care of ourselves. It is through movement that we get clues for how to traverse through the journey.  We cannot hold on to anything -- for nothing is fixed.  Life is movement.  And we want to be connected and moving in sync with our soul’s mission.


Think of ways in which you may be creating roadblocks that prevent your connected movement in sync through life. What might they be?  Pause right now and listen to your body.  Give yourself several moments to do this (a gift!).  Write down at least 3 answers to this question. Establish the connection and listen – your life will never be the same.

©AnneLloydWillett   1/20/2020

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