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Fascia & Biotensegrity


Anne approaches her teaching of movement through the cutting edge lens of fascia, myofascial connections, whole body movement, and biotensegrity.  


Her head turned when she first heard the word "fascia" in 2009.  Having taught movement to athletes, corporate professionals, dancers, actors, and anyone wishing to better connect to their bodies for many years, the subject of fascia and eventually biotensegrity caught her attention as a new and striking paradigm for understanding the human body and movement. 


She has studied directly and/or indirectly the work of Carla Stecco, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, Gil Hedley, Tom Myers, Jaap Van der Wal, Antonio Stecco, Robert Schleip, Helene Langevin, Niel Thiese, Mina Bissell, John Barnes, Graham Scarr, John Sharkey, Stephen Levin, and many other practitioners, medical doctors and scientists.  As an active member of the international Fascia researchers and practitioners community, she keeps up with current studies and latest information on the subject. 


Anne has participated in observing live surgeries; and, has conducted and observed extensive full body dissection of fixed and untreated human cadavers to see first hand the intricacies of the human body and the profoundness of the connections that occur throughout. 


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