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More than ever, we are searching to feel well and whole, to feel inner peace; and, to feel connected to self and to our life purpose.  Take a moment to consider what your life would look like if you are fully awake and connected to your highest and best self, aligned with your well-being, tapping in to your body wisdom and soul guidance; and, you are moving forward and achieving that which is most important to you on an ongoing basis. This is what Committed Connection ~ In Sync is all about.

This intensive one-on-one service is provided for those wishing to embrace living a fully empowered life now, in this present time.

It is a priority-one service for clients who seek to seriously work in a much deeper, more impactful way toward their total well-being – including physical and emotional vibrancy, clarity of purpose and life goals, and the ability to dance with stress and enjoy a fully empowered, awake-in-the-moment life ongoing.

This service includes:

  • Initial Evaluation of Movement and Life Goals (one 60-minute life coaching/movement session)

  • Initial Priority-One Sessions (two 60-minute personally-tailored sessions based on initial evaluation)

  • Personalized Monthly ‘Movement’ Updates (via email)

  • Monthly Life Coaching: Each month meet to track progress, go deeper, and adjust the plan to stay on the fast-track

  • Four 60-minute Movement in Sync Sessions per month (does not carry over month to month

  • Ongoing weekly support of goals

  • Priority booking based on schedule availability

  • Personalized weekly assignments for ongoing practices and work to do outside of sessions (e.g.,    personal videos, meditations, areas for focus, ‘movement’ practices)


  • Committed Connection Discount on all future online training sessions


$1444 per month with 3-month minimum commitment

Sessions can be scheduled to be in-person or via remote

Committed Connection ~ In Sync is limited to a few highly-engaged clients who have a true desire to go deeper and partake in all that Anne has to offer. If you are interested in this program, please contact Anne to schedule a free 20-minute assessment via phone to discuss this package option.

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