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Angels Everywhere...


One Christmas morning, Anne’s water broke.

Her beautiful first son Jackson was born early the next morning.

She tragically lost him at the age of 21…


Beginning then she chose to hold his birthday each year as a

sacred time of reflection and continued healing.


Throughout her life, Anne has spent many days visiting beaches

and collecting shells.  She mostly sought to find ‘perfect’ whole shells.

That all changed in December 2020.


To honor what would be Jackson’s 25th birthday in 2020, Anne went to the beach.


Walking with eyes combing the sand for shells,

she noticed a broken shell that looked like an angel wing.

It was beautiful in all its broken glory.

A few steps later, she noticed another amazing broken shell wing.

Then another, and another…

She stayed at the beach a week and each day she brought home a sack full

of beautiful angel wings.


Thus, this art was born.


Each piece is made with love.

Angels are everywhere.


movement.sub mark.color.png
Beach 4.jpg
Beach 6.jpg

Photos from that
Trip to the Beach

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