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Anne Lloyd Willett is a dual citizen, Irish and US, with an EU passport. It was her Irish grandmother, who intrigued her creative thoughts with stories of ghosts, fairies and angels, and the magic of the Irish land and sea.

Drawing from both the light and shadow sides of life, Anne Lloyd Willett uses her art to bring forth messages for healing, wholeness inspiration, and waking up to the foibles of the human condition. Her work is 2D and 3D acrylic mixed media on professional canvas or panel board, using shells, floss, and odd items she finds on her walks in both her angel/fairy pieces as well as her Octopus Garden series. Each panel board piece comes with a unique message on back, and black stand for framing. 


Anne Lloyd Willett's blends her long artistry careers as a dancer, actress, writer, musician, and movement therapist helped bring a clear sense of ‘movement and life’ to her visual work. Her pieces have been called fun, powerful, enlightening, and whimsical, and are sold through her studio as well as via commissioned works. She has her own business - Connected. Movement in Sync.



In December 2020, I went to the beach for best viewing of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. It also happened to fall at the same time as what would be my deceased son’s 25th birthday. It was on that day that I noticed a broken shell that looked like a wing. As I walked each day, I noticed there were tons of them. And the sunsets were remarkable (one with sky formation in the shape of a heart). Thus, this art series was born. 

Having dug deep into the nature of the human body (literally with scalpel in hand), I see the interconnection between the body and nature and life. And in my daily work as a movement therapist for many years, I am inspired to write messages that speak to both the bright and dark sides of it all. It is through these messages that each visual art piece is created. They are designed with the intention of raising consciousness to seeing what is seemingly here or true to self and what is not. And 'the girls' deliver the messages in a palatable way, as women have had to learn how to cleverly speak. Many people who have purchased the pieces have remarked that they bring a profoundly positive energy to the space in their homes.

movement.sub mark.color.png

One Christmas morning, Anne’s water broke.

Her beautiful first son Jackson was born early the next morning.

She tragically lost him at the age of 21…


Beginning then she chose to hold his birthday each year as a

sacred time of reflection and continued healing.


Throughout her life, Anne has spent many days visiting beaches

and collecting shells.  She mostly sought to find ‘perfect’ whole shells.

That all changed in December 2020.


To honor what would be Jackson’s 25th birthday in 2020, Anne went to the beach.


Walking with eyes combing the sand for shells,

she noticed a broken shell that looked like an angel wing.

It was beautiful in all its broken glory.

A few steps later, she noticed another amazing broken shell wing.

Then another, and another…

She stayed at the beach a week and each day she brought home a sack full

of beautiful angel wings.


Thus, this art was born.


Each piece is made with love.


movement.sub mark.color.png

Photos from that
Trip to the Beach

Beach 6.jpg
Beach 4.jpg
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